Monthly Archive: January 2015

Finding the Best Casino Bonuses

luxury-casinoOffering a welcome bonus to new players is now common practice for most online casinos, as it provides a great way to lure new players through their doors and also gives the player a good start to their time at the new casino. There are many different types of welcome bonuses available too, so you should look around to see which casinos have the best bonuses on offer.

But how do you find the best welcome bonuses? You can look at the bigger casino groups, such as Casino Rewards and see all of the casinos they have under their control. This way you can quickly see the many different bonuses on offer, and then narrow down your choice to the ones that are most alluring for you.

Some of the bigger casino brands such as Luxury Casino will offer you a very good welcome bonus, and they can certainly afford to do this due to their established hold on the market. You might wonder is Casino Rewards a legit site, and the answer is yes, Casino Rewards is a legitimate casino site and they have been in the industry for over 20 years. So it is worth looking for these bigger brands and take advantage of their generous offers so you can get a really good head start as soon as you join.

Some casinos will offer you what is called a no-deposit bonus. This is where they basically give you money as soon as you sign up, without you having to make any financial deposit of your own. You then usually get a limited amount of time in which you can play the bonus offer, usually an hour, and whatever you win in this time, up to a certain amount, you are allowed to keep and will be deposited into your casino account.

But don’t expect to win the million dollar jackpot on your free bonus and be allowed to keep it all. The casinos will usually cap the amount you can win while playing the free deposit bonus, so you don’t win the big one and leave without depositing any money of your own.