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Can You Win as Much When Playing at a Mobile Casino?

best-mobile-casino-1There is a myth that you can’t win as much when playing at a mobile casino than when you play at a regular online casino. There is no truth in this whatsoever, and this is validated by the fact that there have been many big jackpot winners that have won their 6 and even 7 figure jackpots while playing on their mobile device.

The reality is that most of the mobile casinos are now operated by the bigger online casino operators and they build similar versions of their regular casino sites specifically for mobile users. This means that the game selection will be similar (although often not as much as not all games are immediately available on the mobile HTML5 platform), and the way the casino operates will be the same also.

This means that the jackpots you see available of the games in the regular casino sites will be available on the mobile versions too. If you like to play the progressive games then you will love the fact that you can win jackpots of over a million Dollars/Euros/Pounds while playing on your mobile phone or tablet.

New mobile games with big jackpots

There are new mobile casino games being built and introduced into the mobile casinos on a regular basis. This means that you will be able to choose from a wider selection of games on a monthly basis. The new games also have some very large jackpots attached to them, and even if they are not progressive games you can often find games that offer top awards that are high into the 5-figure level, and sometimes even into the 6-figure level.

Transferring money to and from your mobile casino account is basically the same process as a regular online casino. So you can quickly transfer money into your account using a variety of money transfer options, and also withdraw your winnings to your bank account in a fast and secure manner.